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Regalia FAQ

An Explanation of the Regalia to be Worn in the Lodge by Members

1. Q: I am a visitor. What regalia must I wear at a meeting of Goose and Gridiron Lodge?

A: If you are a visitor, you wear the regalia you would wear in your own craft lodge.

2. Q: I am a joining member. What regalia do I wear?

A: If you are a joining member of Goose and Gridiron lodge you must wear the regalia you wear under UGLE. You may not wear the regalia of your own jurisdiction.

3. Q: I am a master mason, what apron do I wear?

A: You wear a light-blue apron with rosettes.

4. Q: I am an installed master/past master. What apron do I wear?

A: You wear a light-blue apron with levels.

5. Q: I am a past master of a lodge in my own jurisdiction. Do I wear also an UGLE past master's collar?

A: Although you are recognized as a past-master, entitled to the prefix Worshipful, and entitled to be present at the Board of Installed Masters at an Installation meeting (the 'Inner Working'), you do not wear a past masters collar. That is restricted to those who have been master of a lodge under UGLE ( e.g. IL9659).

6. Q: What breast jewels may I wear?

A: If you are member of the HRA, you may wear you HRA jewel and the appropriate ribbon, which is worn closest to the centre of the body. If you are a past master you may wear a past masters breast-jewel.

7. Q: Do I wear white gloves?

A: Yes

8. Q: What is appropriate dress?

A: Dark suit with white shirt is appropriate, or you can wear morning dress (short black coat with striped trousers).

9. Q: What tie is appropriate?

A: Black, or Craft or Provincial (East Lancs) tie is permitted. You can obtain an East Lancs tie from the Tyler.

10. Q: Are brown shoes permitted?

A: Black is the preferred shoe color.

11. Q: I am a Worshipful Master of a lodge and in my jurisdiction I wear my master's collar at all lodge meetings. Do I wear it at a meeting of Goose and Gridiron?

A: See the answer to Questions 5. An exception would be if you as a Master of your lodge are invited for an official visit to Goose and Gridiron. Then you would be a "visitor".

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